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5 Human Resource (HR) Trends to Monitor in 2022 for Employers
5 Human Resource (HR) Trends to Monitor in 2022 for Employers
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5 HR Trends to Monitor in 2022

Did you know that according to a Gartner survey, 90% of HR leaders expect that at least some of their employees will work remotely after the pandemic? Many employers are shifting their perspective of hybrid work from a novelty to a new standard in 2022.

Here are 5 Human Resource trends we are seeing for 2022:

  1. Hybrid Workplace Stamina

At this point in the pandemic, it appears the hybrid workplace is here to stay for many employers. This means adapting and tailoring policies and processes to support hybrid work and equally accommodating all employees. For example, employee communications could be available on a digital destination that everyone can access, or video meetings could become the new standard regardless of location.

In 2022 organizations are shifting their focus toward creating a sustainable work model that meets the needs of both their business and employees.

  1. More Attention On Attraction And Retention

Employers face several unique employment challenges in the current employment market, including the following:

  • Workers fear contracting a severe case of COVID-19 on the job or being exposed during in-office interactions.
  • Workers have built up comfortable savings to hold out for a desirable job.
  • Workers reprioritized their job desires, such as scheduling flexibility, telework options, access to employee benefits, greater compensation, and job fulfillment.
  • Workers face continued caregiving duties and challenges, which require them to remain at home.
  • Remote work environments allow employees to shop around for their next career move.

Employee attraction and retention have become major obstacles for most employers and will likely continue through 2022. What can you do? Employers are exploring the following strategies:

  • 62%—Evaluating compensation
  • 45%—Offering greater workplace flexibility
  • 40%—Offering more upskilling and development opportunities
  • 38%—Expanding benefits offerings
  1. Increased Investment in HR Technology

Many employers are leveraging HR technology to automate their processes and create efficiencies from recruiting, hiring, to onboarding to offboarding. Technology doesn’t remove the human aspect from HR but rather enhances it. Here are some of the latest trending HR technologies for 2022:

  • Cloud-based workplace management
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Employee self-service portals
  • HR automation
  • Learning and development
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Virtual recruitment

Especially in today’s competitive market for top talent, employers could benefit from using technology to make the recruiting and hiring processes more efficient. Using Human Resource technology also becomes a new standard of what future employees expect to see during an interview process. It is also now a selling point in accepting an offer. Not having an easy-to-use solution, might turn off some applicants. Everyone is looking for ease and efficiency from HR touchpoints.

  1. Growing Demand for New Skill Sets

If you ever read a job description in 2022, it is most likely to require a lot of skills to perform a job. Most skills are new and emerging with the fast COVID-19 adaptations. Organizations are embracing a dynamic approach to reskilling talent to shift vital employee skills and help develop skills as they become relevant. This is what you can do:

  • Communication—Employee communication skills are critical for emails and virtual meetings, especially in a remote or hybrid workplace. The goal remains to be effective and efficient, and top talent can communicate clearly and concisely with all stakeholders.
  • Digital capabilities—Tying into the communication aspect, an employee should be open to using digital communication platforms at work and know when to use specific platforms.
  • Emotional intelligence (EI)—Employees with higher EI typically navigate the workplace more effectively and are more resilient. Components of EI include empathy, motivation, self-awareness, self-regulation, and social skills.

These skills were important before the pandemic but may not have been prioritized by many organizations. We have seen the shift from hiring for skills to hiring for a positive attitude, drive, and the ability to adapt. 2022 is the year when it will be important to stay positive, flexible, and sociable in the workplace.

  1. 2022 Is A Year To Focus On Employee Health and Well-being

Since the pandemic began, employers may have been more reactive but can and should shift to being proactive about employee well-being and support in 2022.

Regardless of worksite location(s), employee health and safety will remain a top concern and priority for both employers and employees. Two years into the pandemic, many employees still struggle to find a healthy work-life balance. Caregiving, nurturing mental health, and adjusting to remote work will likely remain top issues for employers to address in 2022.

In Summary:

Employers can get ahead of the game by monitoring the trends that impact the workplace and resonate with the current workforce. Many Human Resource functions will be the driving force behind employee on-job success and sustainability.

Reach out to HRPro for more guidance on areas of focus:

That impact your employees on a daily basis.

  • Attract/Recruit
  • Onboarding
  • Engagement
  • Talent Management
  • Rewards/Recognition
  • Retention
  • Transition

That are critical to the mission and long-term goals of the company.

  • Employee Handbook
  • Culture Assessment
  • Workforce Development
  • Turnover and Retention Analysis
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership/Management Training

That address internal and external requirements.

  • I-9 Assessment
  • FLSA Assessment
  • Policy and Procedure Review
  • Safety Policy Review
  • Job Descriptions
  • EEOC Responses
  • Unemployment Filings Responses



This article was modified from the original article that was provided by 2022 Zywave, Inc. This post is not intended to be exhaustive nor should any discussion or opinions be construed as professional advice.

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