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Commuter Parking Account

A Commuter Parking Account is an employer-provided pre-tax benefit account used to pay for parking as part of your daily commute to and from work.

It’s a great way to put extra money in your pocket each month and make your commute more convenient and affordable.

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Commuter Transit Account

A Commuter Transit Account is an employer-provided pre-tax benefit account used to pay for public transit—including train, subway, bus, ferry or vanpool—as part of your daily commute to and from work.

Now, add the convenience of carpooling with Lyft Line and UberPool!

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What Is Employee Commuter Account?

A commuter account is an employer-sponsored benefit program that allows you to set aside pre-tax funds in separate accounts to pay for qualified mass transit and parking expenses associated with your commute to work.

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Why should I participate?

Contributions to a commuter account are deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis, reducing your taxable income. You can save an average of 30% on your eligible transit and parking expenses.

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What is a qualified mass transit expense?

Qualified expenses include transit passes, tokens, fare cards, vouchers, or similar items entitling you to ride a mass transit vehicle to or from work. The mass transit vehicle may be publicly or privately operated and includes bus, rail, or ferry.

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Is there a limit to how much I can contribute?

Yes. Monthly limits are set by the IRS. 2022 contributions for transit and van-pooling are limited to $280 per month. Parking contributions are limited to $280 per month.

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What is a Parking/Transit Account?

A Transit/Parking Account allows an employer to direct a part of an employee’s pay, on a pretax basis, into a special account(s) that can be used for certain work-related transportation expenses.

There Are Two Type of Accounts:

Parking Account

A Parking Account allows an employee to utilize their HRPro benefit card or be reimbursed for work-related parking expenses.

Transit Account

A Transit (Transportation) Account allows an employee to utilize their HRPro benefit card for expenses incurred traveling to and from work.

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uberPOOL and Lyft

You must first enter your benefit card information as a “commuter card”. When using Lyft or Uber, choose a shared ride, or ride pool option. When your commuter card is used, you will be assigned a 6+ seat vehicle. Note that wait times may increase by using this option. Your benefit card must be entered as a commuter benefit card, or any shared/pool ride will be denied. You will also be denied for any vehicle with less than 6 seats.

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How the Account Works

A Parking/Transit Reimbursement Account is beneficial for anyone who commutes to work! You will save money on what you’d normally spend on transit or parking, up to the maximum pre-tax benefit.

An employee decides whether or not they want to participate in a Transit/Parking reimbursement account(s). Once they’ve made that decision, they estimate eligible expenses they are likely to have during the year and decide how much of their salary they want to set aside. The amount they elect will be automatically deducted from their paychecks during the year and credited to their account. Simply use your benefit card to pay for expenses, or you may be reimbursed for your parking expenses, with tax-free money. Note: reimbursements for transit accounts are not allowable under IRS guidelines.

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