Your People:
The Employee Lifecycle

Employees who are supported and connected in the work place have a more positive experience and a critical driver of overall organizational success. Engaged employees help build a strong company culture and help foster an environment where they can thrive.

To visualize this concept, we created our Employee Lifecyle Model. An employee’s engagement is directly related to their overall experience. From initial attraction through their transition, it is within these seven stages of the employee’s lifecycle that we focus our service offerings.

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A Deeper Dive into the Employee Lifecycle

Here are a sample of services designed to enhance your employee’s experience.

Comprehensive Benefit Package
Pre-employment Leadership Assessments
Culture Assessment
Company Brand Review
Interview Process
Job Candidate Framework
Applicant/Resume Evaluation
Drug Screen Process
Behavioral Assessment
Hiring Metrics
Offer Letter Templates
Job Posting Development
Pre-hire and Post-hire Onboarding
Process Development
Employee Communication
Document Processing
Development of Orientation Materials
Employee Communication
Professional Development
Performance Management
Leadership/Manager Training
Compensation Analysis and Design
Pay and Compensation Structure
Turnover Analysis
Exit Interviews
Exit Surveys
Transition Process Development

Now offering employee surveys!

Employee engagement, diversity baseline study, employee satisfaction, and more. We can develop a survey to find out the information you need about the employees you manage.