Broker Program

Most HR Departments start as an evolution. One day, the Office Manager is asked to start doing payroll, because the owner needs to be out selling business. And the next thing you know, they have 50 employees and are struggling to stay on top of the compliance issues, hire the right people, manage their performance and the list goes on and on. Your clients are counting on you to help find a solution. That’s where we can help.

With a variety of options, we can supplement your client’s team and provide quick, accurate answers to common questions. We can guide them through the murky waters of managing their people. Think of us as the HR Manager they need but think they couldn’t afford. 

How does this program work?

  • You choose your level of involvement.
  • We send your client a FREE HR Assessment.
  • Our HR experts will then connect with your clients to prioritize their needs and identify key target areas.
  • We will develop a comprehensive action plan and define time parameters.
  • HR Consulting will carefully document time, provide monthly hour usage report and deduct hours from client or broker’s “bundle.”
  • For every client referred to our HRPro HR Consulting program, your broker firm will receive 2 hours HR On-Demand services (to be used for your broker firm’s own HR questions/concerns). Hours may accumulate as new clients are added.
  • Bundle with our HR Library for balanced self-serve and on-demand HR assistance.
  • We can customize a plan just for you and your clients.

Available Bundles

Client Paid — Hands Off

Simply refer your client to our HR Consulting team and we will take care of the rest!

Action plans and time reports will be shared with the client.

Clients purchase HR Consulting service in bundled hours.

Broker Paid  — Hands On

Tell us which client needs help. We will connect with your client and keep you informed every step of the way.

Action plans and time reports will be shared with both the client and the broker.

Broker purchases HR Consulting service in bundled hours.

Interested? Email us to learn more