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HRPro Team
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Teresa Edwards


Teresa brings over 20 years’ experience to the Pro Team and has been with the organization since 1990. She began as Director of Operations for HRPro, and later joined HRPro in 2005 as Executive Vice President of Operations. Teresa graduated from the prestigious Walsh College of Business and Accountancy with a Bachelors of Business Administration, Finance in 1997. Teresa is responsible for the general oversight of most operational activities of the company. She is pivotal in building strong client relationships and a strategic partner in the development of revenue generating projects and campaigns. Teresa’s greatest asset as her uncanny ability to close the gap between management and staff, being a pivotal driving force in solidifying a strong company culture and gaining respect and admiration of the staff by maintaining a friendly, open door policy that fosters a healthy, collaborative workplace.

Teresa resides in Clarkston, Michigan with her husband and three children. Teresa is not only a soccer mom, she is also a hockey, football and baseball mom and works hard juggling her time between different sports fields. In what little spare time she has, Teresa enjoys spending time with family and working out. She can be typically be found starting her day at a gym or attending boot camp.