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2022: Where have all the workers gone? Here is where we found them.
2022: Where have all the workers gone? Here is where we found them.
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“Where have all the workers gone?” you may ask and rightfully so.

We see and hear about this trend of “No one wants to work.” But it is not so. Let’s take a look!

At this point, it is safe to say that we have all heard of the Great Resignation. Whether you are dealing with its effects firsthand or are hoping to prevent its mark from being made at your Company, retention efforts are essential to an ever-changing workforce.

You may see statistics about workers leaving for higher wages or tuition reimbursement, flexible schedules, or better benefits. This can vary greatly based on generational differences or the industry that you’re in. No matter what you may hear or see, it is essential to understand what that is for your employees.

According to SHRM’s Employee Job, Satisfaction and Engagement: The Doors of Opportunity are Open research report, employees identified these five factors as the leading contributors to job satisfaction:

  1. Respectful treatment of all employees at all levels.
  2. Compensation/pay.
  3. Trust between employees and senior management.
  4. Job security.
  5. Opportunities to use their skills and abilities at work.

So what’s the secret answer? You really will not know unless you take the time and seek to understand, not assume.

Stay interviews are a phenomenal way to connect with your employees and have these transparent discussions, benefitting both the employer and the employee. What keeps you here? What motivates you to work for our Company every day?

In this environment, the goal may be to prevent or reduce turnover, but the additional benefits of stay interviews can include increased engagement, company culture development, and enhanced trust. We have a few other tips and considerations as you move through this process.

If you are attempting to retain your employees, we are here to help.

Contact us to discuss retention strategies that fit your business and keep your people working for you.


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