Human Resource Compliance Statistics

The maximum amount you could be fined
per I-9 violation
for repeated

Number of EEOC Charges in Michigan alone in 2019. A whopping 72,675 charges nationwide.

One of the largest fines in history for I-9

Only 26% of small businesses under 10 employees have an employee handbook in place.

Median cost of an employment lawsuit case that goes to trial (having a handbook may prevent that)

There are over 180 federal  laws enforced by the DOL. Do you know where you stand? 

Staying Compliant

The Human Resource regulatory landscape can be difficult to navigate. Keeping up with constantly changing laws and regulations, especially during these trying times can be challenging.

Whether it is I-9 audits, FMLSA concerns, EEOC Responses, ACA or keeping up with changing employment law, HRPro is standing by to help and customize a solution for you.

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When was the last time you updated your employee handbook?

An employee handbook is a necessary tool for both employers and employees. It communicates the organization’s mission, values, policies and procedures in a written format. It is the easiest and most cost effective way to stay complaint and avoid unnecessary lawsuits and claims.