Your Benefit Card

The HRPro debit card provides easy convenience and 24/7 access.

The Convenient Way to Pay!

The benefits debit card lets you easily access all of your benefits. Participants in tax-advantaged benefit accounts can pay for eligible products and services with their benefits debit card. Payments are automatically withdrawn from your benefit account, so there are no out-of-pocket costs and many purchases won’t require receipt submission. One card can access all of your benefit accounts!

HRPro benefit card

Real-time access to your benefit account funds – real world convenience!

Enjoy One Card Convenience and Simple Reimbursements with the HRPro Benefit Card


Stack Accounts

Stack multiple accounts on a single card. Simply use your card and funds will be taken of the appropriate account!

Dedicated Account Managers

Participant Portal

Easy to use portal. Account information and transaction history is available 24/7 online and on the mobile app.

Award-Winning Company

Easy Verification

Industry leading auto-substantiation technology to electronically verify a transactions eligibility according to IRS rules.

What are the Benefits?

For the Participant

Pay for qualified expenses easily and get immediate access to your funds

No out-of-pocket expenditures

No filing claims and waiting for reimbursement

No longer need to wait for funds to be reimbursed to you!


For the Employer

The Benefits Card supports multiple accounts on the same card!

Funds pulled from accounts based on pre-set rules

Stack accounts and set up order of payment

HRPro handles all claims substantiation and adjudication

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