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About HR Pro, LLC:

With over 30 years of Human Resource Management experience you can believe HR Pro, LLC when we say we are:

Pro·fes·sion·al: adj. An expert who performs a service with a great deal of skill, competence or experience in a particular field, activity or occupation.

Why use HR Pro, LLC:

Your organization and its employees deserve nothing less!  

HR Pro, LLC is just who you need now and in the future!

Our Mission:

Excel at providing our clients with superior advice, training and counsel. Focus on matters of the employer / employee relationship; and do so in a timely and understandable manner. HR Pro, LLC emphasizes regulation compliance balanced with reason and common sense. HR Pro, LLC audits organizational operations for compliance with Federal and State regulations then teaches the organization to audit itself.

Company Profile

HR Pro, LLC is a professional Human Resource Management Consulting firm.  Over 30 years of proven successful, practical experience assures our clients of quality counsel and desired results.

We offer nationwide consulting / training and auditing services in effective Human Resource Management, Human Resource Compliance Training and Mediation of disputes. 

Our practice clients include private and public sector employers ranging in size from owner-operators and small employers to medium and large employers, municipalities, school districts, multi-state employers and large government organizations. 

Some of our specialty industries include: medical and hospital organizations, banking, accounting firms, state and county governments, tribal governments, military, rural telecommunications, manufacturing and many others.  Can we help you?


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